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Skilled Trade Training in Western Washington

Learn a skilled trade on the job with piping and welding apprenticeship and journey level training from the Local 26 Educational Development Trust in Western Washington. We provide some of the highest quality and most comprehensive training for workers in the pipe trades throughout Western Washington.

Apprenticeship Training
All apprenticeship training consists of on-the-job training during the day with classroom training in the evenings. The full program of apprenticeship training generally takes 5 years to complete. An exception to that is the marine pipe fitters program, which is a 3-year program. The local 26 Educational Development Trust believes in promoting a highly diverse workforce. We strongly encourage women and minorities to apply for oppurtunities in the pipe trades apprenticeship programs.

Journeyman Training
Go beyond apprenticeship with our journey level training programs. We offer a variety of journey level continuing education and upgrade training courses to help you improve your skills and enhance your opportunity for advancement in the plumbing and pipefitting industries. The opportunities available to you in the pipe trades are many. 

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Multiple Locations
Applicants can apply during normal business hours at any one of our 3 locations. We have 3 different locations that except applications during normal business hours( Burlington, Lacey.and Bremerton Wa.) and 4 locations where training is held and where students can practice the skilled trades they learn during the training.

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